Canon EF 24-105mm f4L IS II USM

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This lens offers professional image quality in wide angle, with standard focal length, as well as with telephoto. Its flexible range can handle a wide range of subjects without the need to change the lens. The f/4 speed does not change even when zooming, so the lens can be used universally for landscapes, portraits, and outdoor photography. It's an excellent choice for full-frame photography when you want to travel light with a single versatile lens.

Key features

High-end lens for versatile use

Perfect results across the range (constant luminosity + 4 aspherical elements)

Sharp images from a hand-held camera and in unfavorable lighting conditions (4-step optical stabilizer)

Shooting in tough conditions (sealed against dust and bad weather)

Fast, quiet autofocus (ultrasonic motor)

The redesigned EDM technology allows you to silently adjust the aperture during film shooting

Circular aperture (10 blades) for a naturally blurred background

Sharpness under control

 Camera shakes in longer expore times does not cause any problems due to the advanced optical stabilizer. Make perfectly sharp picutres even when shooting with full zoom or in low-light. If you want to blur the background, leaving the main object to stand out, you can use the 10-blade aperture for a gentle defocusing effect.


Quietly and accurately

The ultrasonic motor drives the autofocus, ensuring fast, almost inaudible and highly accurate focusing. In addition, the motor can be used at any time for full manual sharpening, so that you can keep the exposure fully under your control. The precise focus adjustment allows you to focus on the desired position, giving you the ability to be fully creative.

Additional information:


Viewing Angle:

Horizontal: 74° to 19°20'

Vertical: 53° to 13°

Diagonal: 84° to 23°20'

Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM II lens
Canon E-77U/E-77II lens cap
Canon "E" lens mount cap
Canon EW-83M lens hood

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